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"Ready Art Brut?" (White Light! White Heat!)   
08:40pm 20/03/2006
"Any questions? 'We love you Eddie!' is not a question."
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11:07pm 01/11/2005
  West Hollyhood nightlifeCollapse )  
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10:52pm 01/10/2005


(me too stalin!)
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08:21pm 21/09/2005
  it's all because the evil europeans came and killed everyone!Collapse )  
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07:40pm 29/08/2005
  one day, i may burn spaceland to ashes for keeping me from the right to see art brut and arctic monkeys one night after the other.  
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10:15pm 15/07/2005
  harry potter, sass and bide frayed misfits, book soup, san francisco, 7/25, sea green bows. summer is grand.  
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12:54am 09/07/2005
  50 Shekel WHAT HAPPENED?!

i don't understand.
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"oh you were being funny?! WAS THAT A JOKE?!"   
11:54pm 02/07/2005
  today was quite a day. i was attacked by scientologists and a militant rap lover.

i cant wait to see madonna and tom cruise argue over who's in the better cult.
12:27am 29/06/2005
  arcade fire was amazing. section d seats at the hollywood bowl are nice. david byrne is such a flamboyant little man.

person x who works at the mj store and knows everyone in music (and promised posters) and met gary powell, you're cool.

oh how i love angry valley girls.

daft punk is playing at my house, my house.
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12:16am 26/06/2005
  cousin from australia is here, which has been interesting. apparently, americans say everything wrong.

arcade fire tomorrow. should be good.
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12:20am 19/06/2005
let's start a cult.
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09:15pm 17/06/2005
  my lj is in the process of being pimped.  
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11:30pm 14/06/2005
  "i aint got no hairpiece (herpes)."

i heart wehoCollapse )
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11:06pm 05/06/2005
  how does edwin/erwin make it into plays?

eqop thing was interesting. nice to see all those old faces. we're all grown up. and belly dancing. always the belly dancing.
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07:18pm 25/05/2005
  swim is over. it's almost a shame.

i hate schenker's timed speeches.

fillah, we will get hit with communist slam books. by sad fat people. give them stalin stickers. oh this is the life.
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09:56pm 15/05/2005
  galina and i conquered los angeles today. at the mj store, we binged on trinkets from the vending machines. we then walked to american rag, where we found some interesting things. we then walked back to the mj store, binged on more trinkets while the staff laughed at us, and then walked to the beverly center. galina estimates that we walked ten miles today. i agree. i am now four pins, one furry fuz thing/pin, a hair clip, and a shirt richer. life is grand.  
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11:55pm 14/05/2005
  i ran into ms. barbarossa at the drama festival. no hot flashes this time.

i had fun being a bad best friend today. but coffee bean always makes things so much better. i'll make you cds filler, i promise.
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08:56pm 10/05/2005
  i still remember the rach prelude. how inspiring.

today has been strange. i took the ap chem exam. i do not recommend that anyone else do the same.
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05:13pm 06/05/2005
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05:27pm 05/05/2005
  many thanks to lenin for those four lovely waffles.
i want a pope pimp mobile.
blingCollapse )

i survived hami riots '05. woot.
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